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Tramadol Pain Pills

Effectiveness of tramadol in treating pain

Tramadol is an opiate pain relieving drug for treating moderate to moderately severe pain. It acts by making changes in the way the nervous system and brain respond to pain. Since tramadol is a mild form of opiate drugs, you think that the drug is not addictive. You can build up tramadol dependence if taken regularly for a long period of time. This, in turn, can lead to addiction. Hence, it is advised to take this prescription drug in the exact way as prescribed by the qualified medical practitioner.


What are the signs of tramadol addiction?

You must keep an eye open for the below mentioned signs if you think you are getting addicted to this medication. If any of these symptoms surface, get in touch with the doctor immediately.

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Physical dependence

Over a period of time, physical dependence on the pain medication tramadol can build up in case you make changes in the dosage or ingest it for a longer period of time than prescribed by the doctor. If you have become dependent to it, then on discontinuing it use, the following withdrawal reactions may show up:

  1. Panic
  2. Vomiting and nausea
  3. Sweating
  4. Nervousness
  5. Muscle spasm
  6. Sneezing
  7. Involuntary tremors and shaking
  8. Runny nose
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Problem in sleeping
  11. Cold chills
  12. Cough
  13. Seizures
  14. Pain
  15. Hallucinations

Obsessive use of tramadol in spite of negative consequences

What differentiates addiction from dependence is obsessive usage of this medication in spite of the detrimental effects it may have on your health and lifestyle. The detrimental effects that its compulsive use may have include:

  1. Relationship problems
  2. Inability to manage personal or professional responsibilities
  3. Health concerns
  4. Missing work
  5. Neglecting personal hygiene
  6. Financial problems

Taking tramadol to get high

In case you are ingesting this medication for the release of inhibitions, euphoric effects and also for the feeling of relaxation and peace and not as prescribed by the doctor, you may be addicted to the drug.


Tramadol can also make you habitual to it, hence its occasional abuse can transform into a severe addiction with the development of tolerance levels and you requiring more mounts of it to “get high”.

Taking tramadol in any other way than prescribed

You may be addicted to this medication if you obtain it illegally without a doctor’s prescription or do not take it as prescribed. For example, snorting or crushing tramadol pills, injecting, combining them with other medications or ingesting the medication in increased amounts. When the body and brain become used to it, you require greater amounts of the drug to get the same result. Thus, as a consequence of addiction, you start taking higher amounts of the dose.

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