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What Is Tramadol

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Tramadol, marketed under the trade name Ultram, is a pain drug used in the treatment of pain of varying intensity from moderate to moderately severe. The effect of the medication can be seen within an hour of taking its immediate release formulation orally. It can also be administered by injection. If you do not want to miss a dose without going out, buy tramadol online.


A host of variables are considered when determining for how long this medication remains in your system such as your body mass, hydration level, metabolism, health conditions and physical activity, among others. This drug can be detected in the urine for around two to four days. It is also detectable on a prescription drug screening test.

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What are the symptoms of tramadol overdose?

You should get in touch with the qualified medical practitioner if any of the following symptoms of tramadol overdose show up:

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Lack of consciousness
  3. Decrease in size of the pupil
  4. Extreme drowsiness
  5. Slow heartbeat
  6. Clammy, cold skin
  7. Muscle weakness
  8. Coma

What to do in case of tramadol overdose?

While on treatment tramadol pills, you should always have naloxone drug available at home and work place. Naloxone is very effective in reversing the fatal effects of tramadol overdose. It blocks the effects of opiates and relieves hazardous symptoms caused by increased amounts of opiates in the bloodstream. On seeing the symptoms of overdose of this drug, you should ingest the first dose of naloxone. If the symptoms do not subside after several minutes have passed post the first dose, you should take the second dose of naloxone. Additional doses may also be taken after a gap of every two to three minutes if the need arises. In such a case, you should seek medical help without delay.


How to prevent tramadol overdose?

In order to prevent an overdose of this medication, you must take it in the exact manner as prescribed by the doctor. Further, you should not cut or crush the extended relief capsules or tablets as it may prove fatal. Doing this will release a high dose all at the same time.


How to prevent fatal drug interactions?

Tramadol pain pills may interact with many other drugs that can result in dangerous interactions. Its symptoms include sedation, difficulty in breathing and also coma. Interactions of tramadol with medications such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI), benzodiazepines and alcohol. You should inform the doctor of all the drugs that you are taking or plan to take or even if you plan to discontinue the use of some medication, so as to screen and adjust them. In this way, fatal drug interactions can be prevented.


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